HAAS Alert

Safer, Faster, Emergency
and Rapid Response.

R2V™ (Responder-to-Vehicle) technology delivers real-time alerts to drivers when Responders are en route to a call and on-scene.

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Ha 5 transponder

HA-5 Flashing Lights Transponder

Connects any emergency vehicle. Start alerting motorists inside their cars via in-vehicle systems and smartphone apps when crews are en-route and on-scene.


Haas alert safety cloud@2x

The HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ delivers “look ahead” awareness to motorists and vehicles.

Connected road safety for emergency crews, technicians and road operators. Interoperability for organizations, real-time traffic management tools for cities.

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HAAS Alert Safety Cloud™ Dashboard

Real-time fleet status, active response, on-scene data for cities. Available on any device with a web browser.

Haas alert dashboard
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HAAS Alert is rapidly expanding

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